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      Cranes   Our production includes unified single and double girder, standing and suspension general-purpose overhead traveling cranes. The cranes and their components are in series production; they are included in the production line of BALKANCARPODEM LTD, Sofia.  
    • Single girder standing overhead    
    • Double girder standing overhead    
    • Single girder standing - Light Type  
 Single grider standing overhead traveling cranes
  • Single girder suspension overhead  
The single girder overhead travelling cranes are available with lifting capacities from 1 t up to 12.5 t and up to 28.5 m span
      Crane Components    
   Double grider standing overhead traveling cranes    
The double girder overhead travelling cranes are available with lifting capacities up to 50 t and span up to 28.5 m. They are designed for indoor and outdoor operation in different climatic zones and find wide application in the technological line of production.
   Single grider standing cranes - Light Type    

   Single grider suspension overhead traveling cranes    

The cranes have light construction, based on:
   • wire rope electric hoists,
   • block travel wheels
   • and geared motors.

All cranes are equipped with squirrel-cage induction motors, thus allowing the use of a simple circuit diagram and control.
The cranes are designed to:
   • operate in medium mode of operation - 2m as per FEM and DIN;8
   • standard and tropical execution;
   • surrounding temperature within the range of -20C to +40C;
   • power supply 3Ph 380V 50Hz.

We are also able to supply the cranes and their components for different voltage and frequency parameters.

The cranes and their components are supplied with one rated speed or two rated speeds (rated and creep). The cranes we show in the present catalogue are designed with control from the floor. We are in position to supply cranes with control from cabin at customer's request. Customers may order electric hoists with additional equipment:
   • load limiter
   • or (and) additional thermal protection of the lifting electric motor.

The cranes are not designed for handling liquid metal, loads with high temperature, dangerous loads (poisonous, explosive, etc.). Cranes cannot operate in explosive and fiery surroundings.

We are ready to discuss with customers the supply of overhead traveling cranes with parameters, mode of operation and designation different from these given in the present catalogue i.e. cranes equipped with electric magnet, gripper, etc.

We are in position to negotiate also the supply of different types of components and cranes:
   • single girder or double girder gantry (jib) cranes,
   • bracket cranes - column or wall type,
   • special cranes,
   • etc.

All hoisting units are designed on the basis of wire rope electric hoists, conforming to the norms of FEM, ISO and the Bulgarian State Standards /BSS/. Our products have TÜV certification and the CE mark. We show MH and MHM electric hoists in our catalogue.

Our products conform to the following norms:
   • Machinery Directive 98/37/EC from 01.01.1993
   • Safety of machinery EN 292

Specialized laboratories, issuing the respective certificates perform the testing of the materials of the supporting elements - they are tested for their mechanical properties and chemical compound.
The electrodes and the welding seams of the welded constructions are made under control, to prove their quality.

REMARK: The manufacturer reserves the right to alter the above stated components at his judgment.

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