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Double girder standing overhead traveling crane

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The double girder overhead travelling cranes are available with lifting capacities from 5 t up to 50 t. They are designed for indoor and outdoor operation in different climatic zones and find wide application in the technological line of production. The standard lifting capacity of the cranes is up to 50 t and span up to 28.5 m, mode of operation 2m for the mechanisms and B3-H2 for the bridge according to DIN/FEM. We offer and produce cranes according to special request of the customers. The double girder bridge cranes correspond to the safety requirements valid for materials handling machines.


The cranes bridge consists of two main girders and two end carriages. They represent a welded construction made of steel sheet, box-shaped with membranes. The factory stand assembly is a guarantee for the precise adherence to the geometry of the crane. After that the main girders and the end carriages are separated with the help of flanges which ensures easy transportation to the working site. The production process guarantees high corrosion resistance and reliable operation of the crane.


Two geared motors symmetrically positioned on the shafts of the driving wheels ensuring optimum dynamics of the crane.


The hoisting unit (fixed electric hoist) and the travel units (geared motors) are mounted on the welded frame construction.


The crane is equipped with relay-contactor control. The crane can be controlled from a pendant push button or by radio control. The microprocessor radio control system is remarkable for its high reliability, precision in operation and absolute stability in case of outer interference.

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